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Paweł Dyrcz
Head of the County Department of Environmental Suski

Paweł Dyrcz is the Head of the County Department of Environmental Suski and initiator and coordinator of the "Programme to increase the use of renewable energy and improve air quality within the Natura 2000 sites, county Suski". The project is co-funded by the Swiss-Polish Contribution Programme.

Piotr Dziamski
Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej

Piotr Dziamski works at the Institute for Renewable Energy since 2009. Between 2012-2013 was a scholarship holder at the Fraunhofer Institute IWES in frame of DBU scholarship programme. He specialize in economics of RES microgeneration (co-author of the expertise for Ministry of Economy in reference to calculation of Feed-in tariffs in Polish RES Act) as well as the problems of energy supply on rural areas and agriculture (take part in projects: “Impacts of renewable energy on European farmers” prepared for DG Agri and domonstaration project OZERISE – Renewable energy in agriculture and microgrids). Additionally he coordinates organization of Polish Small Wind Energy Forum.

Magdalena Graniszewska
Journalist Business Pulse

She has been working in the " Business Pulse" since 2007 year, she is engaged in the fuel, energy and gas sector. She would like to know the recipe for a stable system of green certificates,  and optimal energy mix. If it were possible, we would would help establish "three-pack energy". In pursuit of these goals, writes about the challenges facing the renewable energy sector, including consumer energy sector, major investments and changes of ownership in the renewable energy industry. She also indicates where to find the money for new projects in energy sector.

She graduated  the Warsaw  School of Economics and Erasmus scholar at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

Prof. Maciej Nowicki

Ministry of the Environment in 1989-1990 and 2007-2010, winner of Der Deutsche Umweltpreis, so called – “Environmental Nobel Prize”. Prof. Nowicki also served as Vice-President of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York, adviser to the Secretary General of the OECD in Paris, President of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the host of COP 14 Climate Conference in Poznan. Prof. Maciej Nowicki, is the most recognized environmentalist, scientist and social activist in Poland, author of many publications and books devoted to environmental protection and sustainable development, also a participant of several hundred national and international conferences.

Piotr Pryciński
Deputy Head of Programmes Management Department

Peter Pryciński worked at the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) in Warsaw performing tasks in the field of science policy, science and technology and innovative state. The NCBR as a Deputy Head of Programmes Management Department coordinates the implementation of national and international research funding and development in the field of engineering. In 2008, he graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology Department of Transportation. In 2012 he was awarded a PhD in the discipline of Transport.

Roland Python
Deputy Director of Swiss Contribution Office

Roland Python is deputy director of the Swiss Contribution Office in Warsaw. Before arriving in Poland in summer 2012, Mr Python was deputy head of the New EU Member States Division in Bern, following his work as deputy director of the Cooperation Office in Sofia, Bulgaria until 2006. He joined the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs in 1996, to work on water and infrastructure projects. Before joining SDC, he worked for 10 years for several civil engineering consultancy companies in Switzerland and abroad. Mr. Python holds a master's degree in Civil Engineering and an Executive Master in Business Administration. He is married and has 4 children.

Dr Christian Schnell
Partner in the law firm DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak

Dr Christian Schnell has 15 years of experience in the energy law. He advises on numerous investment projects and transactions, including project finance. He advises energy companies, property developers, financial institutions and private equity funds. He studied law in Bonn and Cologne. He has a PhD in economy. He is an associate professor in the Warsaw School of Economics. He speaks at various conferences and is an author of a dozen of articles devoted to legal issues, mainly from the field of energy law, including renewable energy and protection of environment.

He is responsible for the initiative “econet Poland” with the German-Polish chamber of commerce, an expert with PKPP Lewiatan, a co-founder of the Polish Photovoltaic Energy Association and often consulted by the Polish Wind Energy Assocation and the Ministry of Economy.

Małgorzata Skucha
President of the Management Board The National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM)

Doctor of economic sciences in the field of management science, applied mathematics, graduated from the Silesian University of Technology. In 1992, she received her master's degree in banking and finance at the University of Stockholm to launch the Environment Bank SA She also completed post-graduate studies in computer science at the University of Silesia. Participated in the program the British Know How Fund and the British Council and received an international certificate Thames Valley University in London - coach training, learning and development. She completed a course in the brokerage and investment adviser, had also licensed securities broker. In 2012, the effective management of certified programs - MSP (Managing Successful Programmes). In the years 2008 - 2012 she was a Deputy President of the Management National Fund supervising the such Departments of Environmental Protection, Land Protection, Accounting and Settlement and Planning and Reporting. She currently directs such Department of Strategy, Education Development Projects Control Department, the Department of Procurement Control, Department of Information Technology, Legal, Resources Management Team.

Robin Welling
President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF)

Robin Welling is a President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and also Managing Director of Austrian collector manufacturer and system supplier Tisun. Since 1996, he has worked in different positions in the solar thermal sector: First, at wholesaler Sonnenkraft, where he was responsible for setting up sales offices in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Between 2002 and the end of 2005, he was involved in building up Austrian company General Solar Systems. At the beginning of 2006, Welling has joined Tisun as a shareholder.

Aneta Wiecka
Senior Expert, Head of Solar Energy Team,
Institute for Renewable Energy

Since 2006 she works at the Institute for Renewable Energy as a coordinator of projects in the sectors of solar energy and technology transfer. In 2005-2006 worked at Institute of Mathematical Machines as Commissioner for Innovation. She is responsible for conducting the annual survey of solar collectors sold in Poland (the recipients of research are among others Central Statistical Office, the European Solar Energy Industry Federation - ESTIF, consortium of the EU project (IEE) EurObserv'ER). Aneta Wiecka organizes an annual meeting with manufacturers of solar collectors - Solar Energy Industry Forum. Besides, takes part in projects financed by the EU Framework Programmes. She is co-author and author of many publications in the field of renewable energy.

Grzegorz Wisniewski
President of the Board IEO, Institute for Renewable Energy

Professionally involved in renewable energy after studies at Warsaw University of Technology (1987) and Warsaw University (1988). From 1989-1995 he was granted several centers dealing with renewable energy sources in Europe and the USA. He was vice president of the Institute of Social Ecology, co-founder and director (1996-2006) of European Renewable Energy Centre (EC BREC / IBMER), founder (2001) and, until now - the president of the Institute for Renewable Energy, and (from 2011), president of the Employers Association Polish Renewable Energy Forum.

He held various positions in advisory bodies, including chairman of the Minister of the Environment Expert Panel on renewable energy sources, member and chairman (2007/2008) on the European Commission's advisory team for environmentally sustainable energy ManagEnergy Reflection Group. The Chairman of Programme at the Sub-Carpathian Renewable Energy Agency and for the past several years a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy Advisory Council and the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy. Participates in work of advisors team of the Ministry of Economy for the implementation of the Polish Energy Policy until 2030.