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Solar market research in Poland PDF Print

Institute for Renewable Energy runs leads 11 years continuously, the solar market research in Poland. The aggregate for the Polish data are published in a synthesis report "Solar Energy Market in Poland", among others transferred to:


  • Central Statistical Office (published annually in autumn in the publication "Renewable energy sources")
  • European Commission (published on the website of the Directorate for Energy in the continuous market monitoring project on renewable energy in the EU by the acronym EurObserv'ER)
  • International Energy Agency (IEA published in the publication "Solar Energy in the world"),
  • European Solar Energy Industry Association ESTIF (published in the "solar energy market in Europe")
  • Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy Regulatory Office and other central state administration authorities in Poland to use in the current work.


Summary results are also made available to all interested parties via the website of the Institute and through dozens of media in Poland, and such foreign magazines and portals.

In addition, as in the previous year will be prepared report: Solar Energy Market in Poland - summary 2012. Report will be published in magazines, periodicals, cooperating with the Institute for Renewable Energy websites, will also be available for all participants Solar Energy Industry Forum. The report will be posted logos of companies that provided us with sales (signed contracts for maintaining the confidentiality of the information). Until now, we cooperate with the following companies: ACV, Ariston, Bachus, Biawar, Caldoris, Domapol, Ecojura, EcoSchubert, ENSOL, Immergas, Hewalex, Junkers, Meibes, Skorut, Poland Solar, Solar-Tech, Solver, SONNENKRAFT, Stiebel Eltron, Sun-eco, Tehaco, Tisun, Sunex, Ulrich, Vaillant, Viessmann, Watts.

The results of the report - solar market in Poland will be extremely helpful when driving by the Institute for Renewable Energy in conjunction with the Association of Employers Forum for Renewable Energy program calls for the continuation of subsidies for the purchase and installation of solar panels offered by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy supports the activities of the Institute for Renewable Energy to conduct an annual register of small-scale market for renewable energy installations, including solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, small biomass boilers, small wind turbines, small biogas plants in Poland and on the basis of analysis assesses the share of energy distributed renewable energy sources in the national energy balance. These studies are extremely valuable replenishing and strengthening statistical surveys conducted by the Central Statistical Office and the data presented in the reports of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. Results of the market research  are used by the Ministry of Economy in the development of programming and monitoring of the development of green energy sector in Poland.

Our surveys are conducted under confidentiality agreements data. We invite you to cooperate with new producers and exclusive importers of solar installations available on the Polish market. Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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