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The 6th Solar Energy Industry Forum

the most recognized and significant solar industry conference in Poland

Thorn (Toruń), 13-14. May 2013

Solar Collectors And Photovoltaic systems as a key elements of consumer Small Scale Heat and Power Production


Solar thermal energy has experienced an impressive growth in Poland. According to ESTIF – European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, in 2011, Poland confirmed its position as the fourth largest market in Europe, behind Germany, Italy and Spain. In spite of difficult time for the solar thermalindustry around the world, and strongly competitive European market, polish solar collectorsr gained public sectors decision makers and customers confidence. A decision to increase the budget of the main support program run by The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management as well as a framework for financing provided by the cohesion policy 2014-2020 of the European Union create positive prospects for the future of solar thermal with a great potential for photovoltaics.

Poland is one of Europe’s biggest energy market where the photovoltaics sector is practically not present, yet -currently only 3 Megawatt PV plants are installed. The long-awaited project of the Polish law on renewable energy is expected to turn Poland into one of the strongest European markets in the solar energy sector.If the current draft of the RES low comes into forcethere will be independent schemes for supporting the generation of electricity from RES. The new law is going to introduce feed-in tariffs (FiT) for the first time to support mostly consumer small scale power production.The amount of this tariff is quite lucrative and considerably higher than the current tariff in i.e. Germany. According to Grzegorz Wiśniewski President of the Institute for Renewable Energy “The level of support for microsources, introduced in draft of the RES law is sufficient to cause a boom in this market”.

The 6thSolar Energy Industry Forum: Solar collectors and photovoltaic systems as a key elements of consumer small scale heat &power production” organized by Institute for Renewable Energy is developing into the most significant solar industry meeting thematizing current trends of the polish market. This year’s Conference will commence under honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy - Mr . Janusz Piechociński, President of the Management Board of The National Fund for Environmental Protection – Mrs. Małgorzata Skucha, President of the Energy Regulatory Office – Mr. MarekWoszczyk, President of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development  - Mrs. BożenaLublińska-Kasprzak, President of Thorn City (Toruń) – Mr. Michał Zaleski and The Employers’ Association Polish Renewable Energy Forum. 

Since 2007, continuously for 6 years, Forum of Solar Energy Industry has grown to become the most recognized and prestigious conference in the field of solar energy sector in Poland. The 6th Forum will bring, following its well-proven approach, the players of the solar industry into contact with representatives from politics, the financial world, the press and the industry suppliers. This is an excellent networking opportunity for managers, project and business developers, producers, distributors and investors.

The conference is accompanied by an exhibition that will take place in Old City of Thorn (just in front of the conference building) and will be dedicated to conference attendances as well as tourist and inhabitants.

We hope you, your clients and your colleagues will join us as at the polish solar industry event of the year.

Date: Monday – Thursday, 13-14. May 2013

Location:  Artus Court in Thorn (Toruń)


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